Henry Dijkman is an experienced scientist and lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in labs and research facilities of Hospitals, University & health care industry. Skilled in Nanotechnology, Microscopy (LM-EM-SEM-EDX), Life Sciences, Cancer, Histology and Pathology. PhD medical science, specialised in Nephropathology, Nanotechnology and Silicone Toxicity.
Web of Science H-index 38

Henry Dijkman, scientific researcher at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, has been researching Breast Implant Illness (BII), also known as silicone toxicity, for twenty years. He emphasizes the importance of warning women in time. “If you have your implants removed in time, you can recover quickly. But if you get those toxins in your body for a long time, it can be very different. I know many women who have been unemployed at home for years and can no longer function,” he says. According to him, doctors are still playing down the problem. “In this world it sometimes seems to revolve only around power, egos and money. Millions are involved each year. Many people have an interest in it. It’s very difficult to get the truth on the table. That hurts. “I went on the barricade five years ago to make this clear. The subject is close to my heart and is a trigger for my conscience. I get many emails from women who really suffer from this. They are the reason I continue with this mission. Fortunately, I am finally starting to see change. We are on the right track.