When it all started I went to the GP Post several times as well as the first aid. Every time I was sent home because the doctors couldn’t find anything and they said that my complaints may have a psychological cause. In addition to my search in regular care, I continued to look for help in alternative care. From when I was young I have been to alternative doctors a lot and this has always appealed to me. It is a pity that regular care and alternative care have not yet been merged, because in my opinion they complement each other. As far as I am concerned this must change. In my search I have undergone several treatments and I would like to take you along in my findings about these different treatments and what they entail.

Classical Homeopathy

The base for classical Homeopathy is that in principle the body itself has the power to repair disturbances, however sometimes this power is insufficient or insufficiently activated. Homeopathy is able to strengthen and/or accelerate this recovery process. I had never tried this before and have experienced it as very special. The homeopath tries to figure out as accurately as possible to determine your entire health condition by means of a specific homeopathic interview, possibly also through a physical examination. A treatment plan is drawn up based upon these results. In my case, these were homeopathic “granules” that I had to put under my tongue.

IFU Wolfhagen


Klaus Dietrich Runow owns his one “clinic” in Wolfhagen. Here you will be thoroughly examined based on DNA evidence through blood, hair, urine and feces, after which these tests are sent to the laboratory. After a few weeks you will receive the results and a good idea is given regarding what is going on in your body, where things are going wrong and what is missing. Based on these results you will receive an infusion treatment with the necessary vitamins that your body has a deficiency in.

Manual Neuromodulation

This is a technique in which the self-healing ability of the body is stimulated by touching certain points by the treating physician. My complaints got worse the first 2-3 days, like sweating, but the next day my bowel movement was very good, my wounds were closed and I was suddenly able to sit in a large restaurant again with a lot of stimuli and noises. This surprised me enormously, because I had not been able to do that for a long time. I felt a lot better. You have to repeat this treatment several times.

Orthomolecular physician

Orthomolecular physics strives to work with substances that the body can use and process without damage. When you go to an orthomolecular doctor or therapist, he will want to know about all your physical complaints, but also often your emotional problems. Furthermore, your practitioner will want to know exactly what nutrients you are already getting. In my case, the doctor found a hypothalamic imbalance and my sympathetic being constantly “ON”, which in turn put a lot of pressure on my heart. The hospitals in regular care did not see this.

Bi resonance therapy (brt)

BRT is an alternative care that states that each organ has a specific vibrational frequency with an electromagnetic nature. In case of illness and/or imbalance in the body, this vibration can be disturbed. Depending on the direction of bioresonance, a disturbance can be repaired with bioresonance equipment, for example by applying specific vibrations that are opposite to the harmful vibrations. Sometimes this is done in combination with homeopathic medicine for support. I have been doing this treatment method from an early age, about 2-3 times a year. This was also my first alternative healthcare option that I tried when all my complaints/symptoms started.

It’s also very important to use the following in such a process:

  • Psychologist
  • Yoga teacher
  • Massage
  • Physiotherapy
  • Keep seeing family & friends when you can handle i
  • Cuddling dogs/cats (good for the immune system and produces hormones that make you happy)
  • Hobby – painting, reading, drawing, mood boards and sports (if possible)

I believe in a multidisciplinary approach in a situation where no one can give you answers and you have lost confidence in your own body. A combination mentioned above has helped me.


I followed a diet that was adjusted to me. Every body is different and is in need for different nutrition, also in terms of quantities. I was very much inspired by Anthony William. All of his books were on my bookshelf and I ate his recipes every day. This contained a lot of fruit and vegetables, but I lost a lot of weight due to my high heart rate and had to gain weight. That’s why I also ate a lot of potatoes, pasta, cakes and smoothies/shakes. I drank a lot of water and fresh thyme tea. Thyme has a detoxifying effect and kills viruses. However, I still believe in “balance is key”. 

My grandmother always said, “Take a little bit of everything and that’s the spirit.”


In my mind it felt like one big chaos and I couldn’t think straight anymore. And yet I knew, I am not crazy. I listened to my heart and my body was literally screaming for something to get out. At the end that was what needed to be done and I was right all along . You know your own body the best so trust in your intuition. Also I did a lot of mindfulness and meditations which helped a bit, especially to keep up the courage, don’t give up. Your body is stronger than you think and you can handle this!


It has now been a while since I had my breast prosthesis removedt. Just 1-2 weeks after the operation, my body started to recover. My symptoms slowly eased. And after one month I was able to cycle, do errands and go through life independently.

It has been trial and error, sometimes with good days and sometimes with less good days. In severe cases it can take 1-2 years before you are completely healed. Every day I take vitamin C, Zinc & B12, with multi- and fish-oil pills every now and then. And a varied diet.

The silicone particles are still floating around in the body. Having the operation doesn’t mean they will be out in 1-2 months. I am young, so I also detoxify faster. I believe in healing. My motto is always: ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’


Platinum Screen

Hair Diagnostix has developed a diagnostic tool with which you can test whether or not your breast implants are intact. By means of a mass spectrometry screen they can give you insight into whether there are elevated levels of platinum, a by-product in the production of silicone gel, in the body.

If there is a rupture or gel bleed, platinum is released into the bloodstream. You will receive a report with a graph showing the platinum levels during the 90 days prior to the time of hair removal.

‘’You are beautiful just the way you are.’’


Jamie Crafoord